Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I know my Spring Break tales are not in sequential order, but that is okay -  I am sharing as things come to mind and this moment was so funny and so precious that I keep remembering it!

Monday and Tuesday we spent long and magical family days at the Disney parks.  All four of us, all day long, and part of the days we met up with other family and friends.  So much fun!

 Wednesday morning Jimmy went back to work, and the kids and I didn't rush out the door.  We were taking it easy when I asked them what they wanted to do that day, and they said...Disney!  (Surprise, surprise.)  Even though it would be my fourth trip to the parks in six days and my muscles were definitely feeling it, I said sure thing!  Let's go!  They requested Epcot and I was happy to accommodate.  I love that place, especially during the Flower and Garden Festival.

One of the spots we visited was a place Trevor particularly enjoyed last year - Bambi's Butterfly Garden.  It is wondrous to watch the butterflies flit around and land on flowers, and Trev was thrilled that he touched two butterflies that day!  That would be one of the first things he would tell Daddy about the next morning.

On the way home that night, we ended up being stuck in traffic. To make the time go by, the kids and I were doing one of their favorite things - playing the initial game.  We take turns saying the initials of someone or something, give hints as needed, and everyone guesses what they stands for.  My kids can play this for hours.  Trust me.

That night we were going with a Disney theme as they often like to do.  It was my turn and my mind went back to Bambi's Butterfly Garden and I thought of a good, tough one.  Thumper, the adorable bunny from Bambi!  I told them it was a Disney character, that the initial was T, but that it was tricky.

On a side note, my little buddy Trev has almost all but mastered his L's (good for him but sort of sad for us).  For years they were W's and it was so endearing - plus anyone who knows Trevor knows he just has this way of talking and putting things that is precious beyond words and often hysterical.  But though he has his L's most of the time now, he still can't say his TH's.  They come out as F's.

So anyway, back to the game.  I am giving them hints and they are guessing and Madi finally exclaims, "Thumper!" I told her she was right, and Trev immediately countered passionately,

"Fumper??  That starts with F, not T."   

Madi and I died.  We sat there in that traffic and just cracked up.

Because Thumper (or should I say Fumper) does indeed start with F - in Trev's world.

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