Friday, March 9, 2012

This Morning Was Brought To Me By...

...The scent of Wild Strawberry (thanks to Bath and Body Works candles and Wallflowers), Dunkin' Donuts coffee in a happy yellow mug (thanks to a friend who absolutely made my day), and I Samuel 22.  My study of David took me to the cave of Adullam and it was stressing me out!  Poor David.  Here he had been dodging spears from the jealousy-crazed King Saul, and now he is hiding for his life in a cave.  But that is not even the part that stressed me out the most; it was the fact that while there, he was the leader of a large community of people who were all a mess.  Verse 2 says,

"And everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gathered to him.  So he became captain over them.  And there were about four hundred men with him."

Knowing the emotional drains of leadership and ministry, I can't even imagine the pressure and strain David was under!  Beth Moore writes,

"Don't forget this was David's first taste of independent leadership!  What could be less appealing than leading a group made up of the three D's: the distressed, the debtors, and the discontented?  Ultimately David would rise to the throne as the forerunner of the King of Kings.  His kingdom would be known throughout the world.  He would be favored by the living Lord as His chosen, His anointed.  God had to bring David down to a lowly position before He could raise him up to stand on solid ground."

There is so much I could share about what I have learned from the first 25 lessons in this study.  I am gripped by the story; there is no doubt that God's Word is captivating!

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