Saturday, March 31, 2012


Gracious, this past week was a whirlwind.  Between standardized testing, school parties, field trips, Easter play rehearsals, lessons, and hostess-with-the-mostess service for our visiting family and friends, it was non-stop activity around here!  We had to say goodbye to our four house guests as they set off for Chicago this morning.  The kids had a blast with Grandpa and company, and were also in full motion all week between spending time with them and school and church activites.  This morning it was like the four of us stopped for the first time in a week and realized how worn out we all are!

So except for a few lessons that I taught this morning, we have spent this Saturday decompressing.  I've been letting the kids watch movies, play, and just relax.  For much of the day Madi dressed herself as a princess in pink, but a few minutes ago she put her pajamas back on and Trev quickly followed suit.  Good for them!  Tomorrow will be a full day from start to finish and tonight we need to do some prepping for everything, so this has been welcome down time.

Yesterday was Madi's much awaited field trip to Legoland.  We went with Trevor's class a few weeks ago and of course our Lego-loving boy thought it was amazing, but yesterday I took Madi with her class and even our Disney girl was smitten with this park!  It is a great place for kids to just have fun.  The two of us were there from opening to closing, and she played her little heart out on several playgrounds and rode a bunch of rides, including all four of the kiddie coasters which she loved.   We spent much of the day with some of our best friends which was really fun.  It was a warm day and we left sun-kissed and satisfied.  The two of us had the best time together, and I feel grateful that these field trips have now allowed our whole family to experience Legoland for the first time for $5 each.  That is a blessing!

At the end of the day, Madi saw a coffee mug with Trevor's name on it and just had to get it for him.  It was a good choice though, not just because he loves Legos.  Trevor has this thing where he likes for me to put his milk in a mug not a glass, and he pretends to have a cup of "coffee" with Mommy.  So this morning I served him his "coffee" in a personalized mug, a gift from his sister just perfect for him!

He also spent the morning building a new Lego set from Grandpa with Jimmy which made his day.  Legos have pretty much overtaken our house.  But that is okay...we have a five year old who is enjoying life to the max!  And that is a good thing, albeit a little messy.

So now Trev is off playing Legos since a movie about Joseph from the Bible just ended, and Madi has disappeared into her art corner in the playroom.  Jimmy is relaxing, and I think I'm going to linger in my green chair for a few more minutes as well.  This next week is both Easter and Madi's birthday (they fall on the same day this year) with more family coming to town, so it will be another full one.

 Please continue to pray for Madi as she practices for her role in the Easter play!  She is doing a fantastic job, but her part is central to the storyline with a lot of lines and she is very nervous.  I continue to pray for her, that she will remember everything she has practiced, and also that her nerves will disappear so she will enjoy this.  I am thankful she is willing at her young age to step out of her comfort zone to do something for God's glory.  Her role in the play displays the sincere faith of a child, and I see that in her real life too.  But we are going to have to pray her through stage fright and nerves!  I would be grateful for any prayers on her behalf.

We're going to run lines again a little later on tonight.

But not quite yet.

I think we're going to rest a little longer.

Because every once in a while, a few hours of decompressing is a good, good thing.

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