Monday, March 5, 2012

Have A Cupcake

Madi loves baking, and she is crazy about cupcakes.  In fact, she is planning on having a cupcake themed party to celebrate turning 7!  We have made so many memories in the kitchen since she was tiny, and we made more this weekend.

Friday night we went to Hobby Lobby as a family and as we browsed, we found some cute items for her party.  One thing we walked away with was this adorable cupcake stand!!  Madi wanted one for each guest at her party...we are planning a small party so that may be possible, but it wasn't possible just yet.  But we bought her one and it is just about the cutest thing ever!  And that fun little cupcake on top?  That is a Banana Split Cupcake that she and I made on Saturday!

Shortly after we moved to Florida, a shop called Georgetown Cupcake opened in DC.  I occasionally see my Maryland friends posting pictures from visits to this bakery and the cupcakes always look delectable!  Of course, the shop became widely known and the sisters who run it are featured on TLC on their show DC Cupcakes.  We don't have cable but when a few episodes of the show popped up on Netflix, the kids and I watched them.  Madi was captivated, just as she was by the episodes of Cupcake Wars that she has seen.

When Trevor and I were running errands at Target last week, we happened to see a book by the owners of Georgetown tells their story, shows fun pictures, and features a bunch of their famous recipes!  Trev and I love giving gifts and fun surprises.  That day when we picked up Madi from school we didn't mention the book, but when she got in the car it was on her seat. She was surprised and thrilled!  This weekend she and I made two of the recipes.  One was for those darling (and delicious) Banana Split Cupcakes.  Madi worked hard as we went through each phase of the baking, including making chocolate ganache, coring the cupcakes, and filling them with the chocolate.

I did my best to top the cupcakes with their signature swirl frosting, though I have some practicing to do!

Trev helped his sister add sprinkles, and then Madi topped each cupcake with a cherry.

All done!

Made with fresh bananas, filled with that gooey chocolate ganache, and topped with a thick swirl of cream cheese frosting, these were absolutely amazing!

We also tried a yummy Maple Chocolate Chip Cupcake, topped with a whipped chocolate ganache frosting.  These were also tasty, and without the frosting were similar to a muffin!

Here is one on our cute little stand by our fun new cookbook!

The best thing about baking these with my daughter was not the final product, though these were definitely treats!  The best part was spending time with my daughter side by side.  Talking, chatting, giggling.  Teaching her life skills while having fun.  Working together towards a common goal.  Encouraging her with affirming words.  Being present.

I've heard my dad mention this quote by Rick Warren many times and he said it again in a message yesterday.

The best use of life is love.  
The best expression of love is time.  
The best time to love is now.

Thankful for the time, the love....and the cupcakes!  Oh, and for the record...I asked my daughter if she would hire me if she ever opens a bakery. She said maybe, she would see.


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  1. Oh yum! Oh I adore a good cupcake!

    I hope you'll stop by my blog. I am hosting a giveaway for a $50 Kirklands gift card.

  2. Jen those look yummy! I'm a huge Georgetown Cupcake fan (we visit there almost evey time we're in Maryland now). Best cupcakes ever! My sister, Jill, lives just around the block from their Bethesda store. Sweet memories made there with your growing Madi!

  3. She is so precious and her cupcakes are fabulous. She is going to be the best baker in the world and probably be famous for all her creations. Love them. Thank her for sharing her lovely work with TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. You should tag this post on the DC Cupcakes facebook fan page. I'm sure the ladies would love to see it! Those look delish and Madi is such a cute baker. Love that cupcake stand too.