Thursday, March 8, 2012


You are all my heart longs for

The treasure and the hunger

I've tasted and I must have more

Of Your presence God.

You call me deeper than before

I'm falling further into you God

You are just so beautiful

I love Your presence God.

The lyrics from the song Presence, written by one of my favorite worship leaders and writers, Kathryn Scott.  Not a well known song but one I love; and one that was on repeat in my car and in my heart today.

Such a reminder to sit in the presence of God; bask in the presence of God; acknowledge the presence of God; honor the presence of God.

My dad has often said through the years that instead of praying God be with us, we should pray God make us aware of Your presence.  He is with us, omnipresent by nature.  We sometimes fall short in acknowledging or making ourselves aware of His presence.  We don't always meditate on it or sing about it.

At worship conferences where I have sat under Kathryn Scott's teaching, I have heard her encourage writers to write in the gap; pen worship songs that lyrically address themes that aren't as commonly sung about as others.  The presence of God is such a gift.  Sitting in it and acknowledging it is a discipline that brings about such peace and reward, a discipline that becomes such a joy that you do indeed long for more.  I love that Kathryn wrote about presence.

My heart connects with those lyrics.  Today I sing to God with tears in my eyes...

You are all my heart longs for.  You are just so beautiful.  I love Your presence God.


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  1. Thanks for posting, this is too one of my favorite song, it's so intimate asking for God's Presence. And i love Kathryn's songs and voice.