Friday, March 9, 2012


Apparently Trev has been reading this book and watching this video in Pre-K.

google images

 I know because tonight he called out from the other room,

"Mommy, have you seen the The Very Hungry Callapitter?"

Oh my goodness.  Precious boy.

"What was it called again?" I asked, just to hear him say it once more.

"The Very Hungry Callapitter," he answered.

Callapitters.  Just one of the reasons I wish I could freeze time.


  1. With our Josh, it was "girls" He called them "girrs." I would ask him over and over: What are you? He'd say "I a boy." I'd said "What am I?" He'd say "you a girr." One time I asked him so many times he finally sighed and said "I a he and you a she." I will NEVER forget it -- and he'll be 21 this month.

  2. That's too cute! Love that book. Have you heard of the Callapidder Days blog? You should check it out.