Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making Monkey Bread

Recently I had a realization that I had never made monkey bread for my kids.  In fact, I don't know if I have ever made it since we were married!  I have fond memories of this special treat from my childhood, and thought it was time to let my kids enjoy this warm cinnamon and sugar goodness.

I googled monkey bread and decided to use The Pioneer Woman's recipe.  Not only did this recipe turn out to be delicious, but the post was a cute, fun read as well!

The recipe called for 3 cans of biscuits, but I had picked up biscuits the last time I was at Aldi (they are soooo cheap there) and since the cans are slightly smaller in terms of ounces, I ended up using 4 cans which was just right.

Madi helped me make this.  She cut each biscuit in half, and then I cut her halves into fourths which made for a good, hands-on fraction lesson.

Here are the biscuits coated in cinnamon and sugar, waiting to be doused in butter and brown sugar and put in the oven...

And here is the monkey bread, warm and fresh out of the oven.

The best thing about monkey bread is, well, pretty much everything about the way it looks, tastes, and smells!!

The only bad thing about monkey bread is that is so good.  As in, it's easy to look down and say to yourself, "Pretty sure I just singlehandedly ate a can of biscuits and half a stick of butter."  But it is so, so delicious washed down with a cold glass of milk, so just focus on the calcium.  :)

The kids loved it, and it was a treat to make it together with Madi.  I enjoy my time with her in the kitchen!  Such a fun summer breakfast.

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