Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Remember Moments

Well, you know how Madi requested a special Rapunzel snack?  I wasn't sure if it was going to happen because I had my hands full around the house today and then had a very busy evening planned.  But it's hard for me to turn down a fun request like that, so when I made a grocery run for a few odds and ends I needed for dinner, I tried to find some Rapunzel fruit snacks.  No luck.  But I found some Rapunzel stickers, which was great because stickers are always good times around here.

 I picked up some fresh berries because she had been asking for some the past few days. (Though I bypassed the grapes because at the register they rang up for $7.68!!  For grapes!!!  Can you believe that??!!  Good thing I was watching and asked the clerk to put them back!)  And thankfully my dad had brought by surprise Pumpkin Muffies for both kids this morning because he had been near a Panera when he made an early morning hospital visit and knows the kids love them.  So though I struck out on the Rapunzel fruit snacks, I still had food covered.

I made a quick run into Walgreens thinking I may find something, and lo and behold right when I walked in there was a display with cute Rapunzel cups for $1!  Just the sort of thing I was looking for!

After lighting my faithful dollar store paper lanterns, as well as Madi's Rapunzel lantern, I got her little snack ready along with some Rapunzel coloring pages.  And of course, I got Tangled ready to watch.  Just like yesterday it was super simple but fun.  And her reaction was equally as excited!  Her face lit up once again, and she had the best little afternoon!

But then as I'm cooking dinner and she's enjoying Tangled, she calls out, "Mom - can I have Minnie Mouse tomorrow?"

To which I laugh, and she pleads with me that please, pretty please, if I will just make her this one Minnie Mouse snack tomorrow she won't ask again until the first grade!  I make no promises once again, just finish prepping my Bruschetta Chicken, Herbed Corn Bake, and other dishes.

But then tonight, after pajamas are on and teeth are brushed and we are snuggling in the green chair, she mentions the Minnie Mouse snack again.  And then says maybe next we could do Ariel, Belle, Tiana, etc.  And the rest of our conversation went something like this...

Me: What happened to no more until the first grade?!

Madi: I changed my mind! (giggle) I want one every day!

Me: (laughing) This is getting a little ridiculous!

Madi: Please?  Pretty please?

Me: We'll see.

Madi: (more serious all of a sudden) Will you still make me a snack when I graduate high school?

Me: (thinking of all the graduation festivities going on right now for the local seniors and how their parents are feeling - marveling at the mere thought of her graduating from high school, wondering where this kindergarten year that is nearly over went, knowing my little girl will soon grow up) Yes, Madi.

And after that conversation, chances are my girl will get her Minnie Mouse snack after all.  And probably more fun snacks before the first grade.  :)

 Because we do not remember days, we remember moments (Cesare Pavese).  And these are the moments I want her to remember.

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  1. Oh my goodness! <3 The question about snacks after graduation made my cry! Ugh, it stinks sometimes to feel like you're growing up too fast. :P Cherish these moments forever! :)