Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Crafty Things

A little canvas for my little artist...

 Displayed by a framed painting she made in art class!

A small photo album purchased on sale for $2.99 a few years ago at a scrapbook store...

Using scrapbooking stickers given to me by my friend,  I made a title page then filled it with pictures from Madi's Paris birthday party.  She was thrilled with this and looks at it often.  Only took me a few minutes and cost me a few dollars.

Using another canvas (these were on sale for a little over a dollar) and more scrapbooking stickers given to me by my friend, I made a little coffee canvas and put it on what I call my "Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Tray" that I set out a month or so ago.

Doesn't have to be complicated or expensive to be homemade and homespun!  And it's just plain fun to add your own personal or meaningful touches to your life and home!

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