Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Hands

Little hands have been busy around here lately!

Madi came home from her day camp with this absolutely adorable cupcake creation...

She has been having such a great time doing all things creative with her friends, and I thought this was a fabulous idea - mini vanilla cupcakes with white frosting and white and yellow marshmallows made the perfect popcorn for the little container!

Star Wars coloring books have turned Trevor from a careless scribbler to a careful colorer. His wall continues to be covered in his creations.

I am proud of how hard he concentrates to stay in the lines, and love his creative use of color!

Madi continues to come up with cute things at her craft table.  The other night she taped a few toilet paper rolls together to make this cheerful little nurse, which I thought was great!

Then she and I found a spare preschool workbook in the bin holding the ones she and I did together when she was younger, and we played "school" with Trev.  He got such a kick out of it that yesterday morning the first words out of his mouth when he stumbled out of bed were, "Wet's do some more schoolwork."  So we did!

He tries so hard and is so eager.

I just love those busy little hands.

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