Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Patriotic Pops

After our  Memorial Day magic on Main Street, we headed home where Jimmy got to work helping a friend do some recording for a project and the kids and I set out to go to a beautiful back porch cookout.

Having been gone all day I didn't have anything to bring, and I don't like to go anywhere like that empty handed!  In my pantry I found a bag of marshmallows, some cookie pop sticks from the craft store, and some vanilla almond bark, as well as some patriotic sprinkles.  I stuck the marshmallows on the sticks, used a fork to cover them in melted almond bark, and then decorated them with sprinkles.  After cooling in the refrigerator for a few minutes, I had one of the quickest desserts I've ever come up with, and these patriotic pops were actually pretty cute!

If I had known ahead of time and had some styrofoam on hand, it would have been fun to make an arrangement using these and a small American flag.  Maybe for the 4th of July, which will be here in a blink!

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