Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coffee Talk

I cannot use powdered creamers in my coffee.  I just can't. I think I might be a creamer snob. So when I travel and don't always have a refrigerator to lug around my favorite bottles of flavored creamer, I have myself a creamer dilemma!  Imagine my delight when I saw these at Walmart, just in time to leave on a trip....

Can you get over it?  I can't!  So glad some issues in life are so simply resolved!  I am also loving this new flavor for my Keurig...

It is just plain nice for summer.  Mmmm.  And I also like the Half-Caff pods on the occasions where I brew an afternoon cup, or for mornings like yesterday when I felt and looked like Tink looks on this mug and one cup of regular just wasn't going to cut it!

I was surprised and thrilled when I threw my Thirty-One party and the sweet consultant brought me this darling travel mug.  I found out she reads my blog and knew I would appreciate it!

And I was also thrilled when one of my good friends gave me this Premium Roast With Ruth Bible study as a birthday gift.  Perfect timing too, as I completed my 90 Days With Paul study this morning (more on that later) and this Coffee Cup Bible Study is ready and waiting.  I have always wanted to do a study on Ruth and never have, so this will be exciting!

Wishing you a fresh brewed day!

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