Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Break Is Here!

Today is both a happy and sad day.  It was Madi's last day of kindergarten.

It is happy because I am thrilled that I will be able to spend more time with my girl again.  Because I love having her home.  Because we all need to get into a more laid back summer pace.  Because I won't have to wake up Miss Grumpy Gills in the morning and can let her sleep in if she wants (hallelujah)!  Because we have some fun things planned to learn and grow and enjoy.  Because she had a beautiful first year of school with exceptional behavior, great academics, lots of "firsts" and new experiences, a teacher she really connected with, and friends she loved.

It is sad because it's hard to see good things come to an end.  Because it's emotional see a chapter come to a close.  Because she will never be a kindergartner again and that was a short season.  Because my little girl is growing up.

Trev and I were walking through the school grounds to pick her up when the bell rang.  As soon as it did, we heard thunderous cheering, clapping, and screaming coming from all the many classrooms.  It was so funny!  Evidently there some kids excited for summer break!  We picked up our girl, and my sunglasses hid the unexpected tears that welled up in my eyes.  We hugged her and told her how proud we were of her fantastic first year of school.

Then we went home to have a "Summer Break Is Here" snack!

We had Homemade Blueberry Muffins, Banana/Pineapple/Orange Smoothies, Whole Grain Goldfish, and Swedish Fish.  I had the table decorated for summertime with a summer surprise for both - a mask and snorkel for Madi and a Star Wars bathing suit for Trev.  They were delighted!  And Trevor had picked out an Alice In Wonderland coloring book for Madi at the dollar store earlier and was proud to give his big sister his gift.  My mom had found a sweet summer dress for Madi, so I had that hanging by her place.  Then a package came in the mail with a fun wooden stamp set from her grandma, and her Grammie and Paw Paw came by to congratulate her. She had quite a celebration!

We don't have any vacation plans, but we know we are spending a family day tomorrow to celebrate and kick off summer together.  We are all grateful for such a beautiful first year of school, and proud of our girl Madi for shining brightly.

Here's to summer break!

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