Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday Meal Makeover

Thursday my day was very fragmented.   I had to run into Walmart, and while there I started wondering what I should make for dinner, knowing it would have to be something I could put together quickly.  I happened upon a pack of fresh Purdue chicken breasts for $3.88 (a lovely surprise in this age of expensive groceries) so I thought I'd try a pre-made marinade to go with the chicken.  This Hawaiian one looked interesting, so I gave it a go.  

I am happy to report the entire family enjoyed it!  My pickiest was a skeptic upon first glance but ended up being pleasantly surprised when he tried it. The fruit juices in the marinade gave it a mild sweetness, and the chicken was gobbled up (no pun intended).  These veggie Steamers were on sale as well so I made a few bags.  I don't know what I did before these - I am a huge fan!!  Love the simplicity, and love when they go on sale!

I had some lime and avocado I'd picked up at Aldi earlier in the week, and with a little sea salt mixed in I made some nice, simple guacamole...

Then I made a loaf of this bread, but with pineapple added to the dough and without the butter.

The meal had a fresh, sweet, vibe and it came together quickly.  

A nice change to try something new and eat something out of the ordinary on a busy Thursday! 

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