Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Paid Way Too Much For A Box of Cereal

As a general rule, I have never been one to buy cereal unless it is on sale, mostly buy one get one free.  And the prices of cereal at Aldi are even better than that so now I usually stock up when I make a trip there.  But even a frugal girl can be susceptible to a great marketing scheme now and then!  So I have to tell you, I paid full price for a box of Wheaties the other day just because of the box...

Yes, that is the vintage box from 1984 with Mary Lou Retton on it! Yes, I had that same American flag leotard even though I was pretty much the worst gymnast ever. Somewhere there is even a [rather frightening] photo of me wearing it with my navy blue school uniform knee socks and a pair of roller skates.  (I'll have to ask my mom to dig up that gem.)

I even had the haircut, which would be one of the bigger mistakes of my life.  The growing out phase was painful, especially when your mom still insisted on making you sleep in pink sponge rollers the night before your school picture even though you told her it was too short and wouldn't look right.  Just picture a girl in a puffy sleeved plaid dress with wings on her head and massive buck teeth (I'll have to dig out that photo too).  It's a wonder any of us survived our school years!  But knee socks, roller skates, buck teeth, wannabe Mary Lou haircut and all, I must say 1984 was a good year.  And seeing this box brought back some memories of those good old days!

So this morning, I ate an overpriced breakfast.

But hey, at least it was the breakfast of champions.


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