Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mommy-Daughter Date

Late this morning our family headed off to a cheerleading competition to support and cheer on some of the girls in our youth group as they competed.  These girls are unbelievably talented and we are so proud of them!  We returned home quite a few hours later to a beautiful late afternoon.  Madi started playing with a baby doll.  Trev started working on his Lego sticker book.  Jimmy alternated between working on a guitar pedal he built (he is amazing at that sort of thing) and studying for a message.  And I sat on the porch working on my new Bible study, enjoying the warm sun and breeze off the lake.

Somewhere in there my daughter mentioned that she would like to go to Hobby Lobby.

Those are sort of magic words around here!  My ears perked up.  And I realized that we didn't really have any plans for the evening.  So before I knew it, Madi and I were headed off for an impromptu Mommy-Daughter Date!

I love these times with her.  Her brother came along so quickly after she was born that I never felt we had much one on one time.  Trev and I have been blessed with lots of time together these past two years with Madi in school, and I am soaking it up.  But with Madi, the chances I get to spend with just her and me are not as ordinary and very special.

A couple weeks ago we had a date to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D at the theater, and that was a real treat!

Tonight we started at Hobby Lobby where we browsed all the magical aisles and talked, her sweet little hand in my own.  I tried to memorize the feel of that small, soft hand holding on to mine.

We then went to Panera and sat at a small table for two, laughing and playing the "initial game" she loves so much!  One of us says an initial of someone or something, and the other has to guess who or what it is.  She could do this for hours!  We took our time playing the game over macaroni and cheese (for her) and broccoli cheddar soup (for me).  She was so happy.

Then we did a little shopping and she came home with a new outfit that is just darling.  And stylish of course.  She has turned into my little fashionista and enjoys mixing up her clothes and accessories and coming up with new combinations!

I loved our whole evening.  I loved talking, hearing how she has become so grown up in her vocabulary and conversations.  I loved laughing with her.  I loved shopping with her and how even though we didn't buy much, we had fun walking and looking and being together and picking out one new outfit.  I loved that she was so happy to be with me.  I loved how happy I was to be with her.

I pray it will ever be so.  God, please knit our hearts closer and closer together.  She will soon be approaching an age when our relationship will be critical, and she will need me in different ways.  Please deepen the bonds, increase the trust, and lavish upon my heart wisdom, understanding, and grace.

May we both always be growing more and more like You.

May we forever laugh together, and walk through the aisles of life hand in hand.

Thank You for a date night with my daughter, and for the extravagant gift and indescribable joy of being her mom.

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