Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clearance Rack Wins!!

A sweet lady and faraway friend recently posted on my facebook wall that she thinks of me whenever she browses the clearance racks, wishing this "thrifty gal" a great week.  I thought that was so sweet!  
I'm honored to be known as a thrifty gal!

 I have been meaning to share with you my best recent finds for a while, but time kept getting away and now there are a few more to tell you about.  Here are my fun and frugal clearance rack buys from the past 3 months!  I've been snapping some photos to show you!  

And as for the photos, I make no claims to be a model, so they are what they are...   :)

This cute top from Belk had an original price $44.00.  It was on sale for 10.98 with extra 50% off so I walked away with it for $5.50. I love the look of it, and it is so soft and comfortable!

This sweater was also from Belk.  The original price was $48.00.  It was on sale for $23.99, was 50% off then another 10% off with coupon.  Ended up being a little over $10.00.

Jimmy and I try to go out on date nights at least once or twice a month, so I paired my new sweater with jeans and tall boots for a cozy dinner out with him on a chilly evening.  

I haven't even worn this cute ruffled t-shirt yet, but it was hanging on a rack at Walmart for $1.00.  Yes, that is one dollar.  And who can't use a cute white tee?

I wandered into American Eagle for the first time in ages and saw these cute flats. I had recently thrown out a couple pairs of old, worn-out flats and liked the look of these.  I can't remember the original price, but they were on clearance for $14.99 with an extra 50% off so I scored them for $7.49.

I love wearing vests here in Florida on cool days, because it is often chilly enough in the winter to need something, but not quite cold enough for my warm Maryland coats.  I can't find the receipt to remember the original price or exact breakdown, but I know after sales and coupon it was about $9.00.

This very soft, lightweight mock turtleneck is also just right for those chilly Florida days.  Original price was $28.00 at Belk.  It was marked down to $13.99 with 50% off, then additional 10% off with coupon, so it ended being a little over $6.00.  
(The sticker was free for doing my civic duty!) 

Like everything I do, I did my Valentine shopping on a budget.  My husband lives in flip-flops many months of out of the year here, and I knew he would like these from American Eagle.  They were on clearance for $14.99 with 50% off making them $7.49.  The t-shirt was $11.99 with 50% off making it 5.99.  

And now for a clearance rack flashback.  It was either 2 or 3 winters ago that I saw this comfy gray dress on a clearance rack at Target for $6.00.  It is so easy to wear.  I have been working some at a retirement home teaching a choir, and last week when I went to practice I pulled out my $6 dress and paired it with a scarf and boots, both of which were Christmas gifts this year. Felt like a whole new outfit, but the foundation of it was something several years old that I got for a mere couple of dollars!

So that is... 

1 women's dress
1 pair of women's shoes
1 pair of men's shoes
1 men's shirt 
1 warm women's vest 
3 women's shirts
  1 women's sweater 

Nine brand new items for around $58.47 total.

Now that is my kind of shopping!  

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  1. I love finding bargains on clearance racks also although I don't have the chance to shop clearance racks as often these days (difficult with a 2 & 3 year old in tow). However a few days before Christmas I did find some great bargains at Macy's. One really pretty summer dress (in the girl's size 4-6x department) was originally $48 (even had crinolin underneath). It rang up for $1.48 after my coupon. I didn't think it was going to come down that low so I went back and picked out a total of 4 of those dresses (two were gifts for a niece and two for my daughter). The original prices would have totaled $192, and I paid $5.92 (we don't pay sales tax on clothing in PA). I thought that was a great bargain for four beautiful summer dresses!