Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Notes

Remember the love notes for kids I told you I found at a Family Christian bookstore?

Well, while I was browsing there I saw a similar packet with love notes for wives, but none for husbands. I imagine they had them but were sold out.  I really wanted to find some and was thrilled to come across a pack the other evening at Hobby Lobby while Madi and I were out on our date!

I loved what it said on the bottom...32 affirmations for your husband...because honestly, that's what I think most of us crave, what motivates us all to do and be better.  A little affirmation from someone we care about goes a long way.

Here are some of the notes - they have a straightforward, affirming message on the front, and empty space to write your own little message on the back.

I am enjoying leaving these in different places for Jimmy!  And there are lots more to come!

Such a simple but valuable way to invest in your marriage and family!

Who do you need to leave a surprise love note for?!  

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