Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Breakfast, Pinkalicious Pancakes, and a Full Heart

One of things I enjoy most in life is making my family feel loved.  A fun way I have found I can do this is with special meals and celebrations, especially breakfasts.  There is just something about starting your morning off with a celebration that sets a sweet tone for the day!

Since Valentine's Day was going to be a busy school day, I decided to give my family a Valentine's Breakfast on Saturday morning.  After tucking the kids in bed on Friday night, I did some prep work, wrapped some presents, and set the table so it wouldn't take as long to serve things up in the morning.

My friend Laurie sent me these darling plates from Hobby Lobby.  She reads my mind from 1,000 miles away because I actually had my eye on these but didn't purchase them - then one day they arrived in the mail!  How neat.  I set little love notes at everyone's places.

The kids each got two necessity and one treat.  Madi received a pack of socks because since the school year started, somehow about half of hers have disappeared!  I have yet to figure out where they go when I wash them.  

She also got a cute and stylish new shirt, since she is the self-proclaimed "fashion princess" and "glamour girl" these days.  :)

Trev got a pair of tennis shoes that fit - he had been squeezing into his for quite some time now and this was a huge relief for him!  

He also got the Star Wars version of the old Operation game.  It is a hoot!!  They had a ball with this game, and played it

For Jimmy's necessity, he got also got a pack of socks - comfy athletic ones for his morning runs.  His treats were a new shirt and pair of flip-flops, and the book The Power of a Praying Husband. I read The Power of a Praying Wife early in our marriage and it was great.

And yes, I even treated myself to a gift...
A dress to wear on a date with Jimmy!

The table was set and festive, so it was time to get cooking.

I found this Perfectly Pink Pancake Mix and low sodium bacon at Aldi for great prices...

Check out this batter!  These definitely were perfectly pink!

Madi declared these pancakes pinkalicious!  She and I enjoyed them with lite syrup and fresh strawberries.  They were yummy!  Trev, however, wanted nothing to do with pink pancakes.  

He did, however, love these!  

I had a can of breadsticks in the fridge and tried this...

And it worked!!  My little guy gobbled these up with his bacon.

And of course, our fresh strawberries were perfect for a Valentine's celebration.  This time of year we have an abundance of locally grown berries available for good quality and great prices and I love it!!

My cocoa loving girl got a warm cup of chocolate in a heart shaped mug with heart shaped marshmallows...

Table set, gifts ready, food prepared, ready to go!  
My Valentine's gift to my family.

These expressions are exactly why I love taking the time to do something special.

The kids were so sweet and thankful, and said some nice words that made this Momma's heart happy.

What a sweet, pinkalicious morning!  The evening was special as well, because I sent these two stunners off to a Daddy-Daughter dance.  My daughter had been anticipating this evening for weeks!

What a Saturday!  My heart was full.

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  1. You are one great Momma!!! What a perfect way to celebrate V-day! I love the table and plates are too cute! The food looks so sweet and delicious....what a creative person you are. I can tell that you really love your family.
    All of these things remind me of how Mom would surprise us growing up! I can't wait to have children of my own to do these kinds of things with!!!
    Happy (belated) Valentines Day

  2. Great idea making the bread sticks into hearts! So funny that Trev didn't want the pink pancakes :-D boys wouldn't have either. We did those cinnamon rolls, and they turned out great..perfect hearts.
    Love you!!

  3. So sweet!! Thanks for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  4. Darling. Love the couple at the end. I suspect her dance card was full.

    Where did you find the pink pancake mix?

  5. What a lovely LOVE day.

    And of course, I love the pinkalicious day. When my daughter was at your daughter age, she called "Pinkylicious Sunday" and that means, I have to make her day pink §;-) Isn't it cute?

    TY a mill for reminding me with my daughter who is almost 20 yrs in 2 months §;-)

    Enjoy every minute with your precious coz days comes too quick.

    Greetings from a freezing and icy Stockholm,