Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super Easy DIY Valentine T-Shirt!

A dear lady we know in Maryland gave us a subscription to Disney's Family Fun magazine as a Christmas gift.  Our first issue arrived a few weeks ago and had some darling ideas, including this easy way to make fun Valentine t-shirts.  I knew Madi would love this and she is at that age where she loves to match Mommy, so I found two pink tees at Walmart for around $3 each and got busy.

First I used a strip of double sided tape to adhere heart doilies to the shirts.

Then I got my paint and foam brush ready. I used textured glittery paint, but you can use whatever kind of fabric paint you would like.

I used the doily as a stencil and dabbed on the paint.

Then I carefully peeled off the doily. It looked like this.

I took the tube of paint and following the stenciled dots, added another dot of paint on top of each one.

I let them dry for a day or two and when finished, the heart stencil and paint gave the shirts this really subtle, sparkly, watermark effect.  I was very excited with how they turned out!

The lighting made it a bit hard to fully see the hearts in these photos of us wearing them, but I think you'll get the idea.

I surprised Madi with these after school one day and she absolutely loved them!  Such a simple, affordable project.

And this cute heart chalkboard? Found it for $2.50 in the Target value section!  I'm always looking for new ways to say I love you.

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  1. What a great picture of you guys together with the little sign! You look like 2 peas in a pod!
    I just gave you an award over at my blog, come check it out!!
    Happy Valentines