Thursday, October 6, 2011

This One's For The Boys! (Well, Mostly)

Yesterday when school was over, I had some craft supplies ready and waiting on the kitchen table.  While I have always made sure both my kids engage in hands-on craft projects, it is definitely usually more of Madi's thing.  Trev will happily work on small project, but then he's off to defeat the bad guys, build an empire, or win an imaginary car race.

However, I think it was a Disney family email that gave me the idea to make an Alien Pumpkin with him.  Last week he picked out the perfect color green paint (which was on sale for 77 cents at Michael's).  Yesterday he painted his pumpkin all by himself, with no catastrophic messes!  He actually did a really good job, Madi was quite proud of her little brother!

He wanted his Alien Pumpkin to look like a Toy Story alien, so he pulled out one of his figures for a model.  With a few googly eyes and pipe cleaners, we were in business!  Mommy did the hot-gluing; Trev did the drawing.  We had fun together.  And it was so cute when completed!

Trev was quite proud of this pumpkin, and couldn't wait to show it off to Daddy after church last night.  You moms of young boys out there, this is an easy and fun fall project for you to share with your little fellow!

And not to leave Madi out, she made Mommy and Baby Girl pumpkins - "all by myself," she made sure to tell Jimmy last night!

Then we read two new books I had picked up at the store...

I grew up on Berenstain Bear books.

As for Fancy Nancy - she loves Paris, fashion, and a good vocabulary.  What's not to love?!?!

Have some fall fun with your kids!  Snuggle up with some new books! Make a project and some memories!

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