Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Bliss

October has been blissful so far in Florida!

 The first day of the month brought in cooler temperatures and refreshing breezes, a welcome relief after the brutal months of August and September here.  I know things will probably heat back up before they settle in, but we have all been enjoying this gorgeous week!  The mornings have been perfect, the kind of mornings that make me want to put on my walking shoes and get some exercise and fresh air.

The evenings have been perfect too, making me want to tie on a scarf or bring along a light sweater.

This time of year also brings evenings of breathtaking sunsets.  I never realized how beautiful sundown is during fall and winter in Florida until I moved here.  Last night I enjoyed watching the October skies during the high school football game.  

We fed the cheerleading team at church before the game and it was so fun!  Great meal shared and an impromptu singalong at the end that makes me smile when I think about it.

This morning I was up dark and early, and the kids were not far behind me.  It was so refreshing not to have to rush out the door  ~ we had a pleasant, slow start to our morning even though we were up before dawn.  When the light did start to shine through the windows, it started to rain.  And what is better than an early, rainy Saturday morning when you are not in a rush?!  Not much!  It was comfy.  We snuggled, played, and I enjoyed watching Madi continue to read the books that came in yesterday from a Scholastic book order.  I thought Scholastic book orders were the best thing ever when I was a kid.  And now I get to enjoy them with Madi!

Today is also a date day around here!  Jimmy and Trev just went out on a date to Lowe's (also known as Wowe's) to build a project together.  Trev has been excited about this for days.  They went to McDonald's for pancakes first.  Talk about a cool Saturday morning for an almost 5 year old boy.

Later today Madi and I are going on a date to the library for some American Girl fun.  We can't wait!

Then tonight, Jimmy and I are going on a date to see Courageous again, this time with some fab friends from a church group.  

We are blessed.

I am praying for Jimmy because he will be preaching tomorrow in the Sunday morning service.  He is going to talk about investing - investing in people that is, a topic that is dear to our hearts.  

Enjoying these October days of family, ministry, and life as we know it.

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