Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Her Knees

The Sunday before last, I was heading up to my spot on the keyboard bench before the worship service started when I noticed something.  There was a woman on her knees, head bowed in prayer.  She was somewhat hidden between the seats and I just happened to see her.  The sight stirred something within me. I don't really know this woman.  In all honesty, I can't remember her name.  I do know a few things about her though.  I know she is a new believer, because last year when I was standing alongside some teenage girls from the youth group who were being baptized, she was being baptized as well.  I remember the joy on her face when she came up out of the water.  I also know that from where I sit on stage behind the keyboard, she is always in the back of the sanctuary on my left.  She is there faithfully week in, week out.  There are usually some of her family members in her row.  And she sings to Jesus with a radiant, unashamed gratitude on her face.

This past Sunday when I was heading to the keyboard bench I looked to my left and there she was again.  On her knees.  Head bowed in prayer.  I wondered if she does this before every service and I had just never noticed.  Again my heart was stirred, convicted by a woman who takes time to kneel before God to talk to Him quietly before a time of worship through song and teaching of His Word.  I wondered why I don't get on my knees more.  I pray frequently each day; but how often do I humbly bow?  How often do I take quiet, hidden moments to prepare my heart for worship?

I'm thankful God let me notice a woman on her knees.  

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