Saturday, October 1, 2011

May I Be Courageous

I am not sure if it is a cold or allergies, but whatever has been brewing this week woke me up at 5:40 this Saturday morning with a pesky, dry cough that moved me out of our bed and into my green chair.  I found a cough drop in my junk drawer and tried to go back to sleep sitting up, but there was no way I could sleep because my mind kept going back to this...

I saw the movie Courageous last night with my husband and some students from the youth group.  Last night we couldn't stop talking about it, and this morning I can't stop thinking about it.

As I sit here in the dark drinking a cup of vanilla biscotti coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, my heart stands grateful to the people of Sherwood Baptist Church who made this movie.  The story line was incredible, with characters whose lives were woven together masterfully.  I cried multiple times, several times to the point of almost sobbing; and I laughed out loud harder than I probably have at any movie.  There were some absolutely hilarious scenes!

But truly, I left convicted and moved by a story that clearly shared the redemption Jesus offers, and challenged men to lead their homes well and families to not just be "good enough" but to try to live and love by God's standards.  I know this movie will create conversation and has the potential to make a broad impact for Jesus Christ; and I believe certain scenes will stay in many minds for a long time, challenging them in their faith and daily walk.

Because the movie dealt with police officers and the tragedy of gang violence, we did not bring our kids.  They are definitely too young for this movie.  But as they get older this will be a film Jimmy and I will want to show them, and talk to them about, and use as a tool to help guide them into their roles as godly men and women.

At bedtime, I often pray with Trevor that he will be a "mighty man of God" like Joseph, Daniel, and other Bible characters we have talked about.  I am thankful to say I could also add like Paw Paw and Daddy; I was raised by a man of honor and am married to one now.  I count this as rich of a blessing as one could ask for.  Some nights Trev will say, "Let's talk!" and I will lay next to him and ask him questions.  He loves it.  One night a few weeks ago we were doing this, and I asked him for the 100th time what he wanted to be when he grows up.  This changes fairly regularly, and I love hearing his answers and getting inside that cute little mind.  He was giving me hints: S, S, S...Star Wars Hero!; P,P,P...Powiceman!  The last one he said was this M, M, M...and I wasn't sure.  "Mighty Man of God!" he exclaimed.  My heart nearly burst.  He had been hearing his momma's prayers.

Lately, when I think about the precious gifts God has entrusted me with, my prayers often go this way.

God, I pray that Trevor will grow up to be a mighty man of God, and that you will bring him a virtuous woman to marry, and that they will wait for each other.  God, I pray that Madi will grow up to be a virtuous woman, and that you will bring her a mighty man of God to marry, and that they will wait for each other. May they choose the narrow road; may they walk in Your way and truth all the days of their lives.  May Jimmy and I guide them in your truth; may our family shine brightly for You.

May it be so, God.  And may I be courageous enough to live these truths and weave them into our home life creatively and lovingly each and every day.

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