Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some Things Are Just Plain Fun!

Like making my kids' sandwiches on these adorable Goldfish sandwich thins my mom spotted and picked up for us at the grocery store!  Madi and Trev are loving these!  They are so cute, and also have fiber and other good stuff in them.

Finding a box of Star Wars fruit snacks for my little Jedi for 79 cents at Publix.  Then smiling when you discover he has put them all in a line and in groups.  Yoda's together, check.

Spotting masks for your masquerade intrigued girl that rang up for $1.04 each at Publix.  Seeing her delightfully discover them after school and immediately put them on for dress up was a treat for me!

Aren't you glad that in this complicated life, some things are just plain fun?!!

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