Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun and Frugal Fall Makeovers!

I had an old chalkboard from about 9 years ago that I hadn't used in ages, which had been relegated to the playroom for quite some time now.  I almost threw it away, but had a moment of inspiration and set out to give it a makeover.  I figured if it didn't work out, no harm done!

While Americana paints were on sale at Michael's, I picked up two tiny bottles in Semi-Sweet Chocolate for 77 cents each.  I was pleased that the frame painted up very nicely with this paint!

Then I did what everyone does on home improvement shows.  I brought out the hunky carpenter for some help!  Convenient when you are married to one.  ;)

He drilled two holes in the frame for me so I can thread ribbon through it, changing it with the seasons.

It turned out just how I pictured it, and after a coat of chalkboard paint, it looked brand new!  I think I'm going to ask that handsome carpenter to hang it in the kitchen soon.  

My idea is I can change the ribbon and write different verses, lyrics, messages, lists, or whatever I want to match the season or day!  For now I added the Proverb that inspired my golden apple centerpiece I told you about a little bit ago.

I ended up having a whole tube of paint and part of one left, and I thought I'd give something a try.  When Trevor was a baby, someone gave us a hand-me-down crib.  When he was a toddler, someone else loaned us a car toddler bed.  Then just when he grew out of that, some friends of ours were getting rid of an old bunk bed set their son had used for years, and gave it to us.  We have been so blessed by these provisions!  When they gave us the bunk beds (that Jimmy ended up painting barn red), they also gave us a little sports themed table.  We didn't really have a spot in Trev's room for it, so it had been sitting in our garage for over a year.

Since the paint was out, I took the table out of the garage and cleaned it up a bit, and out of curiosity threw some paint on it to see if it would cover well.  It did, so I kept painting...and painting...and squeezing every last miniscule drop from those two little 77 cent tubes of paint...and literally had just enough to transform the kids sports table into a dark chocolate colored accent table!

I went to Lowe's and picked up a $3 knob, hot glued it on, then added the simple homemade fall accents I was telling you about the other night.  I love this table and little vignette!

You know, sometimes I really am thankful I have to decorate on a dime.  It's sort of neat to be resourceful and creative, and set out not just pieces, but pieces of your heart and hands around your home.



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