Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Florida Winter Inspiration!

A few years ago I moved down south where the orange trees grow.  Our neighborhood is nestled within orange groves.  I know winter is here when the oranges are ripe for the picking on the trees.

Florida's winter beauty is different than that of the Maryland winters I grew up knowing.

Things come to life here in the winter.  Everything is in living color.  The oranges contrast against the brilliant blue, and often cloudless sky.

I inhale the fresh air that blows through the orange groves this time of year as I walk, jog, or ride bikes through my neighborhood.  I bask in the sunshine that spreads its warmth, even on days when the air is cool and the breeze is strong.

Oranges aren't the only things that grow in abundance down here this time of year.  Grocery produce sections and fruit stands are bursting with fresh, locally grown berries.  I have already made several batches of the marinated strawberries that I enjoy so much.

When I took down my Christmas decorations, I used Florida's lovely winters as inspiration for a few touches in my kitchen.  I wrote a little poem on the old chalkboard I gave a makeover awhile back...

Then I set out some of my fun Christmas presents!  I put some faux oranges (purchased at Hobby Lobby) on a vintage type scale my mom gave me, next to a strawberry teapot also from her.  My friend Nanette gave me a sign with Psalm 118:24 on it and all together it looks bright, cheerful, and oh-so- Florida!

When I saw this "You Are My Sunshine" sign at Target for $1 in the value section, I was thrilled!  I have often sung that song to my family, and this time of year is certainly abundant with sunshine down here.

Today was sunny, warm, and beautiful.  The kids had a ball sledding down a hill in our neighborhood on scraps of cardboard with Paw Paw.  I snacked on blueberries and raspberries, and there are locally grown strawberries in my refrigerator.  My mom used fresh oranges to make juice tonight when she made us all breakfast for dinner.  Earlier this morning I got my exercise on sunny streets surrounded by orange trees.

You can draw decorating inspiration from almost anywhere.

I was inspired by Florida's winter, and all the bright and cheerful loveliness she brings!

What is inspiring you these days?

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  1. Hi, I live in FL too! Love it!

    Enjoyed seeing all the photos!


  2. Oh I love your pics and your vignette is so perfect. Super scale and the sign is wonderful. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. Those strawberries look SO yummy!! Can't wait to get them in season up here. Love your decorating touches too... and your poem, clever lady :-). Miss you!!!