Friday, January 27, 2012

Kitchen Love

I've been telling you about my love affair with berries lately, and of the batches of marinated strawberries I've been enjoying.  Strawberries aren't the only berries making me swoon lately....this was my snack the other day!  A great big bowl of beautiful goodness.

I had been feeling so badly about too many rushed breakfasts before school these days, and wanted to give my family something warm out of the oven.  I saw this muffin mix at the store and it looked promising.  I got up a little early the other morning and treated our family to some fresh out of the oven blueberry muffins.  They were delicious!  I will go back to this mix again.

Don't you love the fragrant scent fresh blueberry muffins spread through your home?  What a way to start a morning!

Lunch time is extra fun for Trevor when his lunch is served on the Star Wars set his grandma sent him for Christmas!

And Madi's snack is more fun when a mini sandwich is made from a Mickey sandwich cutter Santa left in this Disney-loving girl's stocking!

Santa also brought Trev a Star Wars cookbook, and last Friday we had a blast making (and tasting)  these chocolate chip Wookiee Cookies!!

I enjoyed using the new measuring cups that I got for Christmas!

Sometimes you just can't resist sneaking a bite or two...

Love those sweet little hands helping me in the kitchen!

I must say, these Wookiee Cookies were out of this galaxy.  :)

I had a hankering for salsa this week and made a huge fresh batch.  My friend Heather, who happens to be pregnant, appreciates homemade salsa almost as much as I do.  I decided to send some her way.

And then I had a birthday girl in my small group at youth group, and wanted to make her some birthday cookies.  I decided to make Funfetti Cookies...have you ever made these?

You use a Funfetti cake mix and add eggs and oil - the recipe is on the side of the box.  You roll them in balls then flatten them with a cup.  They bake quickly into some of the softest, most delicious sugar cookies you have ever tasted!  Such a quick and easy recipe, and with a little canned frosting and sprinkles you can serve up a real simple but special treat!  The high school girls loved them, and I loved making them smile and feel special!

One thing is for love is some good, good love.

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