Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend In Review

Last week was cold - I'm talking heat running, coat, gloves, and scarf wearing cold (which I personally think is fun for a change!).  Of course, one of the reasons I think it is fun when Florida gets cold is that you get to have winter for a few days, knowing it will soon return back to the 70's.  And that it did.  Things were warming up and Friday afternoon was breezy and beautiful, so when school was out the kids spent a few hours playing happily on the back porch.  We couldn't quite decide what to do Friday night.  We could tell Trev was tired from his week back at school, but Madi really wanted to do something out on the town.  We decided that Jimmy would stay home and play Wii with Trev, then put him to bed and do his favorite things (like playing guitar, figuring out his new Kindle Fire, and keeping up with politics via Fox news videos) while my mom and I took Madi to Epcot for a couple hours of girl time.  We got to ride two rides - one of which was Mission Space (the easy version) which Madi attempted for the first time.  It was a successful mission!  Then we found a perfect spot on the water to watch these...

I never stop counting us blessed that we get to enjoy Disney magic on a fairly regular basis.  After making our way out of Epcot, we had to stop at one of our favorite spots, The Boardwalk Bakery, for a pre-bedtime treat.  Madi picked her favorite Mickey cake and hot cocoa, while I too chose a hot cocoa and split a S'mores cupcake with my mom.  My six year old is crazy for Disney and fond of nights out, but was fast asleep before we made it home.  It was a fun evening with the girls!

Saturday was mostly productive.  We had already begun the New Year's purge, so the kids' rooms were cleaned out, pared down, and organized with all new Christmas toys put away before school started back up...

And I had already taken down most of the Christmas decor.  However, it was time to do the dreaded task of putting everything back in the attic, which actually wasn't bad because everyone pitched in and helped, even the kids.  Our little assembly line worked well and then it was time to dust, vacuum, and  set out some fresh winter decor including some for Valentine's Day, a day we celebrate around here!  That night I made a simple dinner of popover pizza and green beans.  Trev asked for seconds on green beans (be still my heart), Madi ate happily and gave compliments to the chef, and the chef even whipped up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies so two freshly bathed, pajama clad children got to eat a warm cookie while watching a Disney movie before bedtime.  It was a very ordinary day, and I got the giggles while cooking dinner thinking of an old Thirtysomething episode where Hope wants a "Saturday Night" so badly...she and Michael get a babysitter and head out all dressed up for what is supposed to be a dreamy night of expensive dining and romantic dancing, and the whole night is an absolute disaster.  It's funny (those of you who know Thirtysomething have for sure seen this episode and know what I'm talking about) and they end up relieved to finally be home sweet home with their baby on a Saturday night.  Our Saturday night made of popover pizza and Disney movies made me think of that, and made me smile.

Sunday morning at church the message was very inspiring about redeeming the time and doing today what you know God wants you to do.  I keep thinking of a quote my dad used that I have heard him use before...

Yesterday is a canceled check.  Tomorrow is a promissory note.  Today is cash in hand.  Spend it wisely.

Great advice to start the new year!  After church we spent a long afternoon lunching and visiting with longtime friends from Maryland who were in town.  The kids were instant buddies and played baseball in the sunshine...

And we talked and laughed, and talked and laughed, just like old times.  What fun it was to catch up!!  I am thankful for faraway friendships like these where you can pick up where you left off.

 The last time they were here Madi had just turned 3, Trev was 1 1/2, and their son AJ was 1.  We decided to go to the beach for the day and we were loaded down with strollers, pack-and-plays, coolers, diaper bags, and more.  We still crack up about the day "The Clampetts Hit the Beach!"  This picture just makes me laugh - our double stroller loaded down with gear (you should have seen how "thrilled" the guys were trying to maneuver that thing down the long, sandy beach - I think they ended up each taking an end and carrying it - they didn't think it was nearly as hilarious as Michelle and I did), Madi with her new beach bag she had held onto the entire ride because she was so excited, me with AJ on my hip. Trev, who I guess someone else was watching while we snapped this photo, seemed a little tired and quiet. When we finally got settled on the beach (which took forever) we realized he had a fever!  Those were the days.  You just have to laugh! 

After our Sunday afternoon visit, we went back to church for the evening and were surprised by another Maryland family who came to services!  This family has seven kids, and our kids took to them immediately, especially Trev who found out some of the older boys knew about Star Wars and took the time to do play Jedi with him.  He went to bed thanking God for his new "buddies" - he certainly had a day full of them!

New friends, old friends, memories, family time, chores.  It was a simple, but good weekend.

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  1. I got to see Jerry and Michelle on Friday night before our race on Saturday. It was great getting to catch up with them! Hope you all had a great time.