Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Off Kilter

Even though there is so much I should probably be doing at the moment, I decided to brew myself a second cup of coffee this morning and spend a little time with my Coffee, Chaos, and Contentment pals!  I always have many ideas and thoughts floating through my mind that I want to journal and share with you, but sometimes life just sort of gets in the way of my green chair and computer, you know what I mean?  Last week was one of those weeks where I kept wanting to sit down and post, but we were just a little off kilter.

Don't get me wrong, it was actually a wonderful week on many levels.  Monday afternoon held flawless Florida winter weather and we just couldn't stay inside.  Madi had not ridden her bike in forever, so we pumped up the tires, dusted it off, and took off her training wheels.  She was intimidated at first, but with some help from Daddy and Paw Paw she was riding fast and free within minutes.  She had her little cheering section following her around the neighborhood, and she rode until the sun was quickly making its descent into the lake.  We went inside and I made tacos for dinner which Madi deemed, "One of the best meals I have ever eaten in my life."  :) I have to say, homemade tacos are indeed so good (not to mention cheap and easy)!!  I should make them more often.  Honestly, it was just one of those nice family afternoons and evenings.  Simple but memorable.  The moments a happy little life are made of.

Wednesday night's youth group was another great point in the week.  We love these students so very much, and I am enjoying watching God at work in their lives and have often wanted to share how He is...but I want to do so when I am in a sharp frame of mind and have the right words, not at night when I finally sit down at my computer and am worn out from the day and half asleep!  Perhaps today or someday soon will be the day I share more...but I'll say for now that I was encouraged and motivated by our discussion Wednesday night.  God is at work as His word goes out!

Thursday morning I had my first practice with a choir at a local retirement/assisted living center that I will be working with for Easter!  This is a new activity for them and a first for me.  I was a little nervous and prayed pretty hard going into it...and it went really well!  Most seemed to truly enjoy it and were very engaged which is what my biggest concerns were.  I had a lot of fun, and let me say, I left exhausted!  Those seniors wore this thirty-something out!

This week also held progress with some of my new year's goals.  We spent a lot of time reading from a children's Bible with the kids (they always beg for more stories which thrills my heart!), and I got out and hit the roads of my neighborhood several times on foot or on bike.  My goal was to take more walks, but with a little girl who has discovered the thrill of the open road I think I will also be taking more bike rides! And I've been praying intentionally and specifically for some people in my life who need Jesus.

But it was off kilter for a few reasons.  One, I think we were still getting adjusted to routine after a lovely and stress-free Christmas break.  I felt like we were rushing out the door in the mornings later than usual, and I was scrambling to find something to feed the kids for breakfast in the car on the way to school which is not my style.  Two, my body has been fighting off some sort of sinus/ear thing (which is good - I praise God when my immune system works because it can struggle), and several nights I took some nighttime sinus medication to help ward off the symptoms.  But I am so medication sensitive, and even though I only took one pill not two and took it earlier in the evenings, I felt extremely groggy in the mornings which wasn't helping us get out the door!  And then we were sharing one vehicle all week.  We make very intentional, specific choices so that Jimmy can be in full time ministry and I can make him and the kids my first priority.  One of those is driving old, used, paid-off cars.  But when things are old, you sometimes need repairs.  And sadly, our van kept dying so we sent it to the shop, only to have them fix it three times before it wouldn't die.  It's more difficult than I thought to share a vehicle with two kids who have two separate school pick-up times and our ministry/life/music lesson schedule.  It was a week of extra juggling and sometimes begging for rides (thanks to those who helped us out!).  And it was triple the cost for the repairs than it should have been, which was admittedly a bummer, especially for a family on a tight budget to start off the new year.   However...another one of my new year's goals was increased faith.  So I have seen this as a chance to exercise some faith.  God will provide.  He always does. We have everything and exceedingly, abundantly more than we need.  I am reminded of that daily.  Even the fact that the car we shared this week is a 1998 Chrysler that by the grace of God is still holding on and kicking it is a testimony to His faithfulness in our lives!!  Truly.  And we got our van back yesterday and are praying it runs safely and well today, and that this week's schedule will be a little easier to juggle.  Jimmy's main concern through this has just been safety for his family.  He was driving it all the times it kept dying, and he just does not want that to happen if I am at the wheel and the kids are in the backseat. I am thankful for a husband who takes good care of us.  We are well loved.

I have more to share...Bible verses, snapshots of what went up when the Christmas decorations came down, recipes, memories, stories, and more.  Be on the lookout for more posts (hopefully) soon!  And be encouraged as you make your way through this week, whether it is perfectly balanced or a little off kilter.

You are loved today!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this morning ! I'm feeling a bit off kilter today and felt encouraged after reading this. We share such similar lives Jennifer. God bless!