Sunday, January 1, 2012

Progressive Lunch And Holiday Magic!

Remember yesterday I said I would tell you about this lovely lunch?

One of my friends asked me about it this morning at church.  She thought it came from one of the tea rooms in our area, and she was close!  My mom's dear friend Linda is an amazing cook, delightful hostess, and thoughtful friend.  She, her daughter Natalie, and her granddaughter lunch together nearly every day, and every once in a while my mom, grandma, Trevor, and I will join them.  It's always a good time!  And Trev has learned to be a gentlemen in tea rooms and the like which is important!

Anyway, Linda decided to make some of the yummiest recipes from a couple of our favorite tea rooms and had us all over for lunch on Friday, men and all.  We walked in to such a cozy kitchen!

A pitcher of cranberry iced tea was ready and waiting, a perfect drink for a December day in the South...

We dined on our delicious and lovely lunch of Cheesy Chicken Crunch, salad, and fresh fruit.

And the little ones were served kid-friendly fare at their own little table!

We enjoyed laughing over a leisurely lunch and taking in all of Linda's lovely Christmas decorations.  We then headed to Natalie's house to see her cozy and lovely Christmas home.  Everyone drove to our home next to see our little trees a sparkling.  Here I am with my sweet friend Natalie...

And last we headed to my parents' house to see their decorations and have dessert!

Madi had helped Grammie decorate the cupcakes the night before, and the kids got their cupcakes served in a little sleigh...

And along with the little treats, my mom had a variety of hot cocoas to serve.  Some even chose one of my favorite things, a hot cocoa float with a scoop of peppermint ice cream, topped with whipped cream and garnished with a peppermint stick!  The little girls loved these!

As three - actually four - generations spent this afternoon together, I couldn't help but think what a normal Friday looks like.  We rush the kids off to school.  Jimmy goes to work.  I do a few things around the house or run errands then it's time to pick up Trev from Pre-K.  We come home, have lunch, and I teach a piano and vocal lesson.  Then it's time to pick Madi up from school.  Later in the afternoon Jimmy comes home from work in time to teach a guitar lesson.

But that is not what this Friday looked like.  No, this Friday we hovered around the table laughing with family and friends.  The pace was slow, the food divine, the fellowship sweet.

Holidays are magical.

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