Monday, May 7, 2012

You Know You're A Youth Pastor's Wife When...

I woke up this morning and immediately felt stiffness and burning in my neck muscles.  I think I said, "I must have slept wrong" at least ten times before I realized that was not the problem.  Nope.  It was this...

Tubing yesterday with a student half my age who happens to be extremely athletic and a major daredevil.  We had a wild ride!!  She was standing up on the tube trying to surf while I was hanging on for dear life!  Hence the sore neck this morning.  But we sure did have fun!

It was a hot afternoon for our youth activity.  It felt much better in the water, so that is where we spent most of our time.  But let me give you a little glimpse into the life of a youth pastor's wife.  Here she is, happily paddling along in a kayak, laughing and having a good time helping supervise a few dozen students...

When all of a sudden one of those students - the same student she risked life and limb to go tubing with - sneaks up upon her under water and tips her kayak until she falls out and her ship sinks!

There is never a dull moment around here.



  1. And then she got eaten by an alligator. The end. xP hahaha, I'm so glad you had fun! Wish I could have been there! (: -Court

  2. I am no longer a youth pastor's wife, I'm not sure I miss the excitement. Being the Senior pastor's life isn't all dull, but not quite as exhilerating :). This reminds me of a float trip we took our youth on when we were youth pastoring where I said with great pride, "I am a master canoe-r, and I do not get wet, so who wants to ride with me." My youth had specific orders NOT to tip the youth pastor's wife. So this prim and proper, ever so girly girl jumped at the chance to ride in my canoe. I gave her a quick "how-to" and off we went. Her in her rolled up sylish jeans, socks and stark white tennis shoes (since, I don't get wet). We made it a bit over half way through the course and my lessons hadn't paid off, we were heading for an embankment... we hit the side of the river and over we went... neither one of us could touch, she was in bulky tennis shoes clinging to a sinking canoe. I told her to abandon it and swim to shore. She was screaming over her shoes, but to my surprise, she was laughing hysterically! Our boat was saved, my pride was demolished, but the prissy girly girl had a blast! and a nice bonding time with her youth pastor's wife... we still talk about it to this day... with her HUSBAND and kid!