Friday, May 25, 2012

Wild Friday Night

I am typing this in the middle of a wild and crazy Friday night that was spent guessed it...Walmart.  Oh, yeah.  We were getting pretty desperate around here so after reheating some leftover pizza for dinner, I dragged myself out the door headed out to buy a cartful of groceries at my least favorite place in the world the store.  It was funny, I ran into two other Pre-K moms there - I guess we all know how to do a Friday night up right!!  At least we have food in our pantry.  It was so bad Trevor actually dictated a list for me this morning!  Here are the five things he requested....


Pop Tarts




You know, the essentials.  :)

After shopping and unloading all 200 bags of groceries, I was happy to spend a quiet evening at home.  It has been another action packed week around here!

Tuesday night Trevor was a little piggie at his school program.  I could have eaten him up he was so precious!

Wednesday night Jimmy and I were emcees at an SGA banquet for the high school. One of the girls from the youth group asked us to help host and it turned out to be a fun evening!  We got to dress up which is always nice.  I was happy to help out the high school and spend time with my very handsome date.

Thursday night Madi was a bee at her school program.  She was absolutely adorable and I could see her dimple from across the room!  I love that they go to a school that supports music and the arts.

Today my dad and I had plans to accompany Madi on a field trip that she earned to Medieval Times.  Only a select number of students in the school were going on this trip, and Madi was one of three in her class who earned it.  Unfortunately, my dad had a fever last night and was unable to go.  But the unexpected treat was that I pulled Trev out of class at the last minute and he took my dad's ticket.  Both kids loved the experience.  Madi thought the chicken leg was amazing (ha) and Trev was captivated by the epic battles and intense action.  That is right up his alley!  They wore their crowns and waved their flags and cheered on the red knight.

After this week of school activies, this Friday night of groceries and time at home was just right.  Though if I close my eyes, I would love to pretend I am where I was when the week began.  More on that was bliss.

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