Saturday, May 5, 2012

May The Fourth (And Fifth)

I woke up yesterday to find all sorts of "May The Fourth Be With You" wishes on facebook statuses, which made me smile.  I explained that one to Trev as we had lunch at school with Madi.  We surprised her, which was fun!

I had no idea there was a Star Wars Day.  But I looked it up on Wikipedia (and then stumbled upon "Wookieepedia," haha!) so it must be legit.  :)

But honestly, every day is Star Wars Day around this house!  Which is so funny to me.  I had no idea the intergalactic world I would enter when I had a little boy - not to mention I was unaware my house would one day be completely taken over by Legos!

 So in my world May the Fourth was like any other day.  My little fellow snuggled up next to me on the green chair after Pre-K and we sat cheek to cheek, going through a 400 page Star Wars activity book answering questions.  For the record, I have learned a lot in the past year - I did better on these than I thought!  (And it really helped when I realized the answers were upside down in the bottom corner of the page.)

And speaking of his sweet cheeks, they smelled extra good because Trev has a new thing going on...wearing cologne. It is precious.  Oh my goodness.  He often asked to put on Daddy's cologne, so Jimmy gave him an extra miniature bottle he had.  Every day, on his own, Trev uses two sprays - one on his neck, and one on his arm so he can smell it.  Absolutely adorable!  He always comes to me after he puts it on so I can get a whiff, and I make a super big deal about it which makes him feel and look really proud.  It is so cute I can hardly stand it!

Last night we had a joint Sunday School class party.  In general, one class is quite a bit older than the other (for example my mom is in one, I'm in the other), and we went head to head playing Minute To Win It Games.  It was hysterical!  Our teams - which ended up being The Young and The Restless vs. The Bold and the Beautiful - faced off in funny game after game, many the type Jimmy uses in youth group.  The whole night was filled with laughter, and it felt good to laugh like that!  A highlight of the night was when my dad (the senior pastor) had to put panty hose that housed a softball in one leg on his head and use the contraption to knock down 4 cones and 4 batons.  A girl on our team had already mastered the challenge in one minute and he said he couldn't be beat by a woman (haha) - therefore, the pantyhose went on his head and the game was on. He too completed the challenge in less than 60 seconds and we all cracked up!  Fun, fun night.  Our team lost by half of a point, and I think everyone is up for a rematch and another great time!

Today has been pretty low key.  A piano lesson, a bike ride, a birthday party, leftovers for lunch, a quick, thrown together Mexican meal at home for dinner.  Reading, napping, Wii, Netflix in between. The kids helped each other straighten up their rooms (sweet) and are tucked in bed.  Tomorrow Jimmy and I have a big youth activity to head up after church.  It's going to be some great fun in the sun after worship!  Praying for an awesome day!!

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