Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May, Madi, And A Mother's Prayers

May is a big month for Madi!

Yesterday she had her very first class presentation.  Each of the students could pick any topic they wanted to "teach" on, and were assigned a day to present their information.  Madi chose to talk about American Girl and yesterday afternoon she had her big moment!

It was very fun, a nice gentle way for these little ones to get some of their first experience in public speaking.  I helped her bring in quite a few of her dolls, books, and accessories, and watched her teach.  I was amazed how well she did once she got going!  She shared all sorts of historical and regional facts about the different dolls, as well as other information about the books, website, and her interest in collecting.  Her classmates were attentive and asked good questions at the end.  Many of the girls shared which American Girl dolls they had at home, which was neat!

One of the things Madi shared with her class was how I read many of the American Girl books to her when she was younger, before she could read.  I have so many fond memories of her curled up on my lap in the green chair, back in the days before school when she was home with Mommy all day.  We read about Kirsten, Felicity, Kit, Addy, and were transported into their worlds long ago.  Madi also shared how she is now reading these chapter books on her own.  I absolutely love to see her curled up with these books, learning history as she engages in a story!  She is currently reading through the Samantha series.

Speaking of reading, the other day I found this in her backpack.  I was delighted at her words!

Last night we had a storm come through.  While it thundered, the kids and I curled up inside with a well worn book from when I was young.  Did any of you read the Grandma's Attic series years ago?  These stories take place in the late 1800's and are full of great character lessons. I read the first two chapters/stories while the rain came down.  Brought back so many memories!

Madi was chosen to be part of a group of first graders to dance The Twist at a program tonight.  She was grinning from ear to ear and her ponytail was flying as she and her partner twirled around in their tutus!  Such a fun experience, and neat to see her become more comfortable on stage!  I could see her dimple from my seat.

Later this week she has yet another program for a club she was selected for, as well as Field Day.  This month is so full of activity!  But I must say, we are proud of our daughter and all she has accomplished this year.  I can see God working in her life, building confidence in her spirit, developing her mind, stretching her talents.  I am thankful beyond words for the teacher He placed her with this year, and the way she has thrived.  All of these are direct answers to a mother's prayers, and to God be the glory for the great things He has done this year.

I will remain on my knees for my daughter.  For her heart.  For her soul. For her mind.  For her spirit.  For her life.  For her today.  For her future.  For her eternity.

I will be the one behind the camera, capturing memories as we make them.  It is my only way of freezing time, as it insists on going by more quickly each day.

And I will continue to take the time to record our moments, so one day she will read these words, remember life as we knew it, and be assured that she was infinitely loved.

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