Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This morning the sky is gray and the house is quiet, except for the hum of the washing machine and the distant sound of birdsong.  I am enriched by my time in the Word, though a bit sad simply because there are only two lessons left in my study on David. It has been an amazing journey.  Those 400 pages are filled with notes, insights, prayers, and even a coffee stain or two.  God has enlightened me, convicted me, challenged me.

A few days ago, this study took me to I Kings 1:32-48 where David's kingly reign ends as he proclaims Solomon as king.  He is now an old man and it is time for his son to rule over Israel.  Solomon was now God's appointed leader.

Change was in the air.  A season was ending.  Yet when David received the news from his royal officials that the city was rejoicing loudly over the anointing of their new king, David bowed himself in worship on his bed and blessed God.

David met this moment of incredible transition with worship and praise to his Lord God.

This lesson opened with three questions to ponder...

What seasons of transition have you just come from?  Or which ones do you anticipate to be upon you in the near future?  What do changes like these tend to do to you?

I had to smile when I read those, because the last few years of my life could be defined by transition.  Geographically, financially, relationally, in motherhood, in ministry - transition has marked this season of my life.

In my notes I scribbled these words...

sometimes scare me to death - other times motivate me - these have thankfully made me more dependent and reliant on God

Thankfully, I can say that this season has also been one of praise of worship. Sometimes public, sometimes private, sometimes through songs of exaltation, sometimes in tears face down on the floor.  Sometimes at the piano, sometimes in a journal, sometimes spoken out loud to my Savior, sometimes typed and shared from an overflow in my heart that I cannot contain.  There has been transition, but it has certainly drawn me closer to the heart of the Father.

At the end of the lesson, Beth posed another question....

I know you want (like me) to meet times of change and transition with praise and worship to the Lord.  What can you do today to begin preparing yourself for having that kind of response to endings and new beginnings?

Again, my words scribbled in green ink...

be in the Word!
claim the Word!
quote the Word!
sing the Word!
sing songs of praise and worship
make them the soundtrack of our lives
determine to praise and worship!
choose praise and worship!
let me be singing when the evening comes

You may be in a season of transition.  If not, you may have just come out of one; or there may be changes lurking around the corner.

As I have been challenged to do, I hope that you, like David, will give worship and praise to God when everything changes.  Because God is unchanging.  And something amazing happens when we acknowledge His character and bless His name during life's transitions.

Take a moment to join me in singing this song to bless our God...

10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) by Matt Redman

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  1. One of my new favorite songs! Dave and I listen to this song often. In fact, he just shared a story with our church about him riding in the back of a truck in Nicaragua, listening to this song; knowing God was speaking to Him clearly. (short version ;-) ) We also sang it last Sunday during worship.