Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Delivery (And An Easy Lemon Cookie Recipe)

A few days ago, I got a sweet delivery from our friend Karen.  She knows I love Lemon Blossoms, and brought over a freshly baked plate of Lemon Cookies.  They were absolutely delicious and when I asked her about the recipe, she said it was unbelievably easy - and it was also a Gooseberry Patch recipe, which she knew was where I have found many of my favorites.

These little cookies are apparently as easy as 1-2-3...or should I say 3-2-1.  Because that is what they are called... 3-2-1 Lemon Cookies!

I looked up the recipe and found the link here.  I enjoyed one two several this afternoon with a cup of Blueberry Green Tea in my favorite teacup.  Along with the apples and grapes I had enjoyed a few moments earlier in Madi's classroom (more on that later), it was the perfect snack to brighten up a cloudy afternoon!

Thank you Miss Karen!  Your sweet delivery made my day!

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