Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day Celebrations And More

With the busy week we have had, I am finally sitting down for a moment to reflect on the rest of our Mother's Day celebrations!  It really was great having my brother here with us.  Our beach day together was eventful - the kids enjoyed playing with their Uncle J and I loved being part of the fun, but also getting a few minutes to relax in the sun and chat with my mom.

Later in the evening, my brother was excited to rent a paddle board and ended up giving the kids and I rides.  It was just beautiful out, with the sun shimmering on the water.  We definitely made some neat memories.

Jimmy took a turn as well!

The next day in church, my brother and I both shared testimonies of the godly influence our mom had on us.  After church we all had lunch together, but not after receiving goodies the kids brought home from their church classes.  These are the best kind of presents!

However, Jimmy and the kids shocked me with a special surprise Mothers Day/Birthday combo gift - a Kindle Fire!  I am absolutely loving reading on this, and am all about the convenience of ordering books and reading at night!!

For lunch my mom made one of our favorite meals - mojo pork served on toasted bread with homemade mango salsa, avocado, grilled onions, and fresh mangos. Unbelievably good.

Everything was so fresh and delicious, and it was nice eating at home together as a family and having time to visit.

My mom gave me a few Mother's Day treats, including this sun hat which I have great plans for...

Monday I was treated to a very special picnic in Madi's classroom!  We had the best time, and the 1st graders treated all of us moms like queens, serving us with enthusiasm!  Madi gave me this story she had written about me, which is definitely a keeper.

Pretty obvious Madi's Mom likes to eat, huh?  Well, my girl and I do enjoy our desserts.  And our roller coasters.  :)

Tuesday I got to spend the day with Trevor on a field trip to a children's museum, and he had quite the time.  His favorite parts were sliding down the fire pole and climbing the rock wall.  Oh, and digging for buried treasures in the "sand" which was actually made of pieces of rubber erasers!

Wednesday and Thursday were school and church and the usual, but yesterday after Pre-K I picked Trevor up and we headed to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend where he got to meet Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.  I know.  And, that's not all...after the Indiana Jones stunt show, we hung around to let the crowds pass and Indiana came out and we got to meet him as well!  Trevor even got to hold his whip!  And then we ate a Darth Vader cupcake!  It was a big day for my five year old.  We left around dinnertime and he conked out the second I pulled out of the parking lot.  Sweet boy.  I love making memories like these with my kids.

This morning I taught a piano lesson, then took Trevor to a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese (madness), ran some errands, and our family went to a graduation party for a girl in our youth group who will soon be moving away to go to college.  I can't hardly bear the thought of it, she is so special to us!  But it has been a joy to see her grow in Christ, and I can't wait to see what God does in her life in this next chapter.

What a week it has been in this very merry (and crazy) month of May!

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