Saturday, September 3, 2011

Motherhood Mysteries!

Early this morning, the coffee was hot, the air outside was blessedly cooler than usual, my creme brulee candle was burning, my Bible study was inspiring, and my kids....


Which I just can't figure out, because nearly every school morning so far I have had to drag them out of bed.  It's not usually pretty.  And honestly, I feel bad doing it because they always look so cozy and comfy and nestled in and I hate to make them get up!  Many Sundays are the same way, with them still sound asleep when it's nearly time for me to get out the door for church, and me pulling them out of bed, throwing some decent clothes on them, and bribing them with the donuts they always get from a certain Sunday School class filled with a lot of fun, doting grandparent types.

With Saturday being their only day to sleep in a little, for the life of me I can't figure out why it seems to be the only day of the week they feel inspired to wake up at the crack of dawn all peppy and perky!

This, my friends, is a mystery of motherhood.

One of them, at least.  We'll address why they leave the largest Lego's right where unsuspecting parents can step on them in the dark another day.  Maybe on a school morning, when they're sleeping like rocks.


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