Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shop 'Til Your Frugal Flip-Flops Stop At A Starbucks!

Madi and I had a girls day out today, which was such a treat for me!  It was fun to spend some one on one time with her, and we did what girls do best - shopped until we almost dropped but then stopped at a Starbucks for some energy!

It all started last weekend when we were out and about and Madi saw a fancy, feathered masquerade mask.  She wanted it so badly but it was over $40, so it was one of those you-are-definitely-not-getting-it-and-please-don't even-touch-it kind of things.  Later that week when Trevor and I were out running some errands, we stopped in Kirkland's and I saw sparkly feathered masks that were fabric with an elastic headband for $4.99.  Now that was the right price, so I told Madi about them when I picked her up from school that afternoon - of course she wanted to go right that minute, but I knew there would be no time between teaching music lessons and church activities during the week.  I told her if she was good, we could go out Saturday and she could pick one out.  I can vouch that this proposition brought some serious excitement and anticipation to her 6 year old world!

She was good and I kept my word, and this morning we headed off to purchase the mask.  We first stopped in Belk and browsed the clearance racks, on which I have found some absolutely amazing deals lately (you know my love for clearance racks, and I am a tried and true end of season bargain shopper).  A few weeks ago we were in Belk with some girls and Madi, who had recently grown out of almost all her shoes, saw these cute flip-flops she loved. They were well made and flip-flops are an almost year-round shoe here in the sunshine state, but the $25 shoes were only on sale for $19 and I told her there was just no way I could afford them.  She was very disappointed; there were sad tears; you moms have been there, done that.  (I felt like I was reliving my own childhood!!  Bless my mom's heart.  I cried more than once in a store when I was a kid.)  So like my own frugal, stay-at-home used to tell me, we were just going to have to wait to see if they went on sale further and we left empty-handed. we were a few weeks later and I am happy to say the flip-flops were down to $12.50 with an extra 50% off, so at $6.25 I was able to buy them for her!  She was thrilled, and it made for a very good conversation about not getting everything we want, or everything right away, and the importance of waiting and being wise and frugal.  A happy girl wore her flip-flops for the rest of our girls day out!  And I was excited to be able to treat her to them because last week her teacher gave us the most glowing report about both her academics and character, and Jimmy and I thought a small reward was in order.

Our next stop was Kirkland's where she picked out a sparkly purple mask, and promptly put it on and wore it for the rest of the day!  We had fun browsing the home decor and looking at the fall and Christmas decorations.  When we got home, she played dress up with the mask for hours, and it is still on as I type!  I imagine I will see it a lot in the days to come.

And just because I love a good value and I know many of you do too, I have to tell you about my other clearance racks finds.  First, a maxi dress for $4.99.  Yes, I said $4.99!  (By the way, where were these amazingly comfortable but stylish dresses during my pregnancy and post-childbirth days?  I had kids during the tucked-in-and-tailored era.  What was that about?! I am a dress-wearing sort of girl, and am loving this cute and comfy look!)

And then probably one of the best bargains of my life.  Four very nice mens' shirts for $13.92.  Total.  I was so tickled when I saw the cost $13.92, you saved 107.99!!! Now that is my kind of shopping!

After our browsing and bargain hunting, I took my frugal flip-flop and sparkly mask wearing girl to Starbucks.  She adores the pumpkin bread there, and I got my first pumpkin scone of the season!  I also finally got to try the Salted Caramel Mocha, and was quite certain I approved.  Yum!  While we had our snack we chatted about this and that, and talked further about making wise choices and how waiting is a good thing.  Slightly ironic since I was drinking an almost $4 cup of coffee, but hey, some things are worth the splurge now and then!  And I waited nearly 3 weeks since my last Starbucks splurge for that treat!

Good things do come to those who wait.  :)

Happy Saturday to you all!  Hoping your day was grand!


  1. Hi Jennifer! I just loved this story of you and your darling daughter! What wonderful teaching moments you've had with her! Yes, good things come for those who wait! Love all of your frugal finds! What great deals!! I just wanted to stop by to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and to wish you Happy Fall!
    Aunt Ruthie
    Sugar Pie Farmhouse

  2. Thank you, Aunt Ruthie!! I have to tell you, you are the first blog I ever read. My mom followed blogs before I did, and yours is one of her absolute favorites. She would always show me your uplifting and charming posts when I would come over, and we would enjoy them so much together! Now your blog is one of my absolute favorites, and I always leave encouraged spiritually and as a keeper of my home!! Thanks for the sunshine you pour into each post. You encourage so many! God bless you and Happy Fall to you as well! Jennifer