Monday, September 12, 2011

What Waiting Looks Like!

Saturday evening I put some Autumn Spice Pumpkin Bread in the oven, then took the kids outside to play on the back porch for a few minutes.  After we came inside, I put them straight in the bathtub and by the time they were freshly scrubbed and in their jammies, that bread was almost done and the house smelled amazing!  There is nothing like those warm, enticing autumn scents!

When the bread came out of the oven the kids begged and begged for me to cut it.  I told them it had to cool for at least a few minutes and set the freshly baked loaf on the cooling rack.  When I came back into the kitchen this is what I saw...a first hand view of what waiting looks like!

He was even trying his hardest to help it cool down faster!

I finally gave in and cut it, and the kids ate as much bread as I would let them...and from the way they gobbled it up I would say it was definitely worth the wait!  I must say it sure hit the spot with a cold glass of milk.  Trevor was particularly funny that night, and we shared lots of laughter with our bread around the table before bedtime.  When we drifted into dreamland, we did so with full tummies and hearts.

It always amazes me how much love is shared in the kitchen.

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