Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun Additions To The Treats For The Sweet Tray!

When I saw these cute (and tasty) Pumpkin SpiceMallows at Walmart today, I couldn't resist adding a jar of them to my 
Treats For The Sweet Tray!

Who can resist anything pumpkin spice?  I know I can't!  

Also, my mom asked me to make her some tags and while I was at it, I made a tag to add some whimsy to my tray.

I've been busy working on other little projects which I'll share with you soon, but I am getting close to being finished fluffing my nest for fall!  Well, as finished as I ever get around here - there's always details to add if I have a moment of creative inspiration!

1 comment:

  1. Your treat tray looks amazing & yummy! I didn't know they were making pumpkin spice marshmellows!
    I wonder if there here in the Canadian Walmarts...Have you tried them in Rice Krispies Squares? I love your tags you made for your mom!
    Thank you for your visit! I have joined you as a new follower.
    All the Best,