Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Homework

So one thing I am learning is that moms have homework in the summer.  I remember the first time I had summer homework; it was required reading that had to be done for a high school English class.  Of course, like any respectable teenager I put it off until the last minute but literally had nightmares all summer that it was the first day of school and I hadn't read a single page!  (Those were the first of many school related nightmares that I still continue to have 10 years after graduating from college, but that's for another blog entry or maybe my future therapist.)

Apparently times have changed, because my kindergartner had summer work to complete before entering the first grade.  (Evidently the whole "No more teachers, no more books!" thing went out around the same time starting school after Labor Day did!)  Madi had to read 25 books and do 10 hours of computer work, 5 English and 5 math, during the summer.  Really it wasn't bad - the computer programs are educational and fun and we like to read around here anyway - but I decided I wanted her to complete it all by the beginning of August, and I made the same goal for the rest of my mom homework. For once in my life I did not procrastinate, and by the first days of August my mental list looked like this...

Madi's summer reading: Completed and exceeded
Madi's 10 hours of computer work: Completed and exceeded
Trevor's physical and shots: Completed despite loud wailing that made everyone in the office and perhaps the city aware of our presence
Trevor's Pre-K paperwork: Completed and turned in, felt like I was buying another house, wow
Madi's school supply list: Purchased (cha-ching)
Madi's school uniform clothes: Purchased (cha-cha-ching since nothing fit anymore thanks to a major growth spurt, thank goodness Grammie and PawPaw helped with some of this and that we found good deals and sales)
School shirts and agendas: Purchased
Boxes of hand-me-downs: Clothes that now fit Trev have been gone through, washed, and put in drawers (thank the Lord for this blessing!!)
Dresser drawers: Cleaned out, old clothes they have outgrown packed to give away, new clothes put in
Backpacks: Purchased for Trev, Madi's held up beautifully so it is going to school another year, guess Grammie had the right idea sending her to kindergarten in Vera Bradley ;)

My motivation for getting this all done and not doing my usual last minute wonder woman in a frenzy act was so that our last few weeks of August could be spent sharing moments like these...

We squeezed every last drop out of summer.  And besides, on Friday we went to school orientation and I received two more mortgage sized mounds of paperwork to fill out again anyway! But we also saw their cute classrooms and met their sweet teachers and you know what?

I've got a feeling it's going to be a fantastic school year.


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