Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh My, My, My

Let me just tell you, the last week or two have been a blur of activity!  We have been doing a little bit of everything around here including...

*Game nights in our home and other time spent with students
*Dodge ball nights at youth group
*Youth group girls sleepover (note to self: next time buy twice the food!)
*Singing, playing, and running sound/media at a beautiful funeral
*Swimming in this hot summer weather
*Back to school shopping and preparation (more on that later)
*Reading (along with storybooks I am reading Charlotte's Web to the kids)
*Cooking and baking for family, friends, and church functions
*Celebrating birthdays of friends
*Saying goodbye to friends who are moving :(

Last night we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie as a family.  On Friday Madi volunteered at a retirement home.  She helped work a store where the residents could buy school supplies for needy children.  I was thrilled she had this opportunity to serve and encourage both seniors and children! Friday evening Madi and I spent time with my grandma.  We each worked on a word search - I know, talk about a wild and crazy Friday night!!!  I had to find "salads" and let me just say there was great rejoicing when I finally found taco, ceasar and potato.  (I was almost convinced potato was not in that crazy puzzle.)  One thing Madi and her GG share is a fondness for word search puzzles.  It's cute.

I have also made sure we have had some time for this...

Life interrupted is a beautiful thing!  I must say one of my favorite things about Florida living is being close enough to make day trips to gorgeous beaches that people travel from all over the country and world to visit.  That is a blessing!

I was also able to have a date night with this handsome Italian man I know...

We used a gift card to Maggiano's where I singlehandedly ate a creme brulee the size of my face.

As you can see, I had worn my hair in a sort of bun/chignon type of thing off to one side.  Evidently Trevor noticed because later that evening when we got home he drew this portrait of me...

Note the hair!!  So funny!  From the looks of my eyes, it appears I have had one too many cups of coffee though.  Wow, I look as wild as my Friday night word search date with GG.

Right now my kids are playing Wii Just Dance Kids and it is hi-lar-i-ous to watch.  This is their first time playing because my awesome friend Laurie just surprised us with it in a package that came Saturday.  When I visited her briefly in May we played and laughed so hard we were crying!

Jimmy has been working countless extra hours at church getting projects done, and has also been spending lots of hours helping a friend of ours record an album to help fund their upcoming adoption of a baby girl.  It's been a neat opportunity for him to enjoy something he loves doing for a great cause.  We have also already been talking over ministry plans for the fall and school season.

That's our life in a quick snapshot.  Busy, busy, busy with responsibilities, volunteering, and fun.  It is hard to believe summer will be over in a blink and school is right around the corner!  I am looking forward to squeezing in a little more summer fun with the kids, but if I am honest must admit that I am anticipating my favorites - the autumn and Christmas seasons that will soon be here!  I can imagine the scents and tastes and celebrations already...

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, enjoy this day that God has given us as a gift!  Rejoice and be glad in it!

Hoping to blog more soon and sending love your way,


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