Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pencil Box Project

When some cute little chalkboard pencil boxes went on sale at Michael's for 79 cents, I picked a few up.  Madi wanted two of her girlfriends to come over to have an art day, and I thought they could decorate these for fun!  One of the girls was unable to come, but Madi and her friend Grace had a good time bedazzling these boxes.  Those two are into glitz and glam!

I decorated one for her sweet friend who wasn't able to make it.

I also made one for my American Girl loving daughter.  I found these American Girl stickers at Michael's as well, and really liked what they had to say.  They reminded me of Madi.

*A brave girls sticks up for her friends.
*A loyal girl stays by your side and never leaves.
*A kind girl cares about others' feelings.

*A fair girl treats everyone the same, and tries to see both sides of the story.
*A proud girl stands strong and knows when she does a good job.
*A strong girl never gives up.

Fun, inexpensive, and even inspirational.  Simple little project you may want to do with your little ones sometime!

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