Saturday, August 27, 2011

Enjoying An Afternoon Storm

A major storm ripped through this afternoon.  Once we were safely inside, it was so enjoyable.  I love how storms slow us down a bit.  I love the dark shadows they cast through our home, and how lit candles cast a cozy glow to sit and read or write by.

I chose fall-scented minis to burn because even though it has been a hundred million degrees here this week, school has started and that makes me crave autumn!  Yes, it's a month away.  And yes, in Florida it takes even longer to get here and it is nothing like the colorful Maryland autumns I grew up with.  But after a week of excruciating heat and humidity, last night Irene brought us refreshing breezes and today's storm made things dark and cool, and I decided to pretend.  Soon my house was filled with scents of leaves and spices and other things warm and comforting.

The Creamy Pumpkin was my favorite scent.

And a batch of our family's favorite Pumpkin Chip Muffins was just right for this rainy afternoon.

I was safe inside a home filled with people I love.  We were warm and dry.  We had food and shelter and most importantly, love.  Once again I was reminded of God's love, and the peace He brings even amidst life's stresses and storms.  He loves us, we love Him, and we love each other.  Those are constant, even in the storms of life.

After the storm, the retention ponds were full but the sun shone brightly and glistened off the water.  The grass, which is often barely surviving after months of brutal heat and Florida sun, was vibrant and green thanks to this heavy rain and several other recent showers.  The storms had actually nourished it and made it grow, just as storms of life often do.  The sounds of life were everywhere, with birds singing and countless frogs calling.  The air was fresh and once again there was calm.  All things were bright and beautiful.  The contrast within a few hours was amazing.

We often see growth and beauty after life's storms.  We are often amazed when the sun does shine again after a period of darkness.  There are so many parallels to be noticed during storms, so many lessons to learn.  And it truly is a blessing how they slow us down, bring us in, keep us close, and make us trust.  Praying for safety, provision, and comfort for those being affected by Irene tonight.  And thankful for a cozy, candlelit afternoon by storm. 

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  1. so fabulous...I love storms too...and just today was thinking, "I long for fall more than any other season..." St. Louis has been too hot this many days in the 100s after a winter in the teens and single digits...would be nice to have a season that was seemingly normal...Debbie D.