Monday, November 15, 2010

Once You Go Homemade

Let me tell you something.

Once you go homemade with salsa, you will not want to go back.  I was inspired by my friends Mindy and Caroline, and their absolutely delicious salsa, to try my hand at it after they convinced me it wasn't hard.  It seemed like it would be, but they were so right!  It's not hard!!  You can do it!  You can use recipes or just play around with your favorite salsa flavorings and ingredients, but if you are a salsa lover you need to go to Target, get you a cheap Black and Decker food processor like I did, and start experimenting.

Do it.  Go homemade. You will be so happy you did!!  And if you eat it in the volume I do, you will never, I repeat never, be low on lycopene in your diet.  :)

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