Friday, November 26, 2010

Breakfasts and Blessings

With our change of Thanksgiving plans, I wanted to do something special, especially for my parents.

So this morning I made another Thankfulness Breakfast. I really love making breakfast for family and friends...I think it's because it guarantees that before the day begins and brings whatever good or bad it may hold, you have already gathered together to spend a little time and enjoy some food for strength and stamina.

If I am planning a special breakfast I often set the table and do prep the night before.  That way things can be ready to go before everyone is starving or needing to be out the door.

This day after Thanksgiving held a fairly low key agenda for us.  I was going to do just a little shopping with my parents, then my dad and I were going to meet up with my crew and some friends to see Tangled around noon while my mom went on to the hospital.  So this morning we had a breakfast of thankfulness together served at 8:00 am.  And it was wonderful!  Just what we needed.

One neat thing about this breakfast was that my daughter and I made the place cards together last night.  She felt so proud of her work, and was excited to show them off!!  I love involving her in things around our home.

Those simple handmade place cards became a canvas for us to write down what we are thankful for. Together, we counted our blessings.

We ate baked oatmeal, fresh oranges, crispy bacon, and scrambled eggs.

I also made a fresh and fragrant cranberry relish, pumpkin doughnut muffins, and an orange spice drink that was warm and cozy.  They are recipes worth sharing, so I will post them soon so you can enjoy them!  We certainly did.

And we lingered over coffee and extra pieces of bacon and orange slices.

Then we shopped.  And though I didn't buy a ton, I saved way more than I spent which is always a good thing!

Saw a movie.  Which was funny, enchanting, and filled with great music! The magic of Disney I suppose.

Shopped a little more.  Still saving way more than I spent.  Cha-ching!  I get excited about some bargains, now!

And came home.  To a sink full of dishes (that are still waiting for me, no surprise there!!) and the scent of fried bacon still in the air and a green chair inviting me to sit and blog awhile.  I've been interrupted, oh, about 100 times in the process of that one.

But here I am...

And now I've gotta run - interruption 101, my daughter is calling me - again - but I'll be back, hopefully tonight or sometime tomorrow!


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