Monday, November 15, 2010

New Discovery!

I made a new discovery a few weeks ago.  And it has changed my opinion on candy corn.

Not that in the scheme of life my opinion on candy corn really mattered, but nonetheless, it changed.  See, I was never a huge fan of candy corn in terms of eating it - I used it more for decorating.  And I would eat a piece (kernel?) or two but then it just got kind of old and too sweet.  And I would think that if I was going to splurge on candy I'd rather be eating something with chocolate and peanut butter.

But this fall I discovered something, first in a jar at a friend's house and then in a bag at Aldi, that perked my interest.  And it prompted me to try something I had never tried before...

Candy Corn and Peanuts

An epic combination.  The perfect marriage of sweet and chewy to salty and crunchy.  I prefer about a three to one ratio peanuts to candy corn, a statement which I realize makes me sound like a total food nerd but, whatever!! It is delicious and addicting. Is this a new combination or have I been missing out on this one for years??  Either way, I'm glad I discovered it!  I have had the grandmother of all ear infections for about 4 weeks now and when they put me on my third (yes, third) different antibiotic to try to kill it the doctor said to take it with a glass of water and a snack.  Several times I have washed that baby down with a handful or two of this mixture, using the whole "take it with a snack" instruction as an excuse.  ;)

Here's to new discoveries and fresh opinions on an old treat!

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