Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some Valentine Love

A few snapshots and sweet memories of Valentine's Week...

Jimmy surprised me with these lovely tulips at the beginning of the week and I so enjoyed these cheerful blooms!

Madi came home from her art club with this fun painting...

And Trevor came home from AWANA with this most precious list.

On Valentine's morning I had a small treat or two and a card for Madi and Trev at the breakfast table.  In Trevor's card I had asked him to be my Valentine.  I was curling Madi's hair when he came in with the card...he had answered my question with a yes!  
Melt my heart.

Off to school - the kids had picture day and got to dress out of uniform, and I taught music all day (in a dress with hearts on it, of course).

After work, Jimmy surprised me with a new outfit and bracelet.  He had laid it out on our bed with one of my favorite necklaces.  I was seriously impressed with what he picked out and his whole In Style Magazine type presentation!!  Cute.

We both had work and music lessons, but when we were done I used some shortcuts to make a quick dinner.  These frozen Phillips crab cakes were a taste of home!

My parents had taken the kids out for an early dinner, then gave us all some fun Valentine surprises!

Madi using her new straws she had gotten early that morning! 

Friday evening my parents kept the kids overnight and Jimmy and I headed out for some alone time.  We had a wonderfully relaxing, enjoyable evening together!  We ate a delicious meal and walked and talked and he listened to my heart.  
That is such a gift.

The weekend before had been filled some memorable quality family time.  We went to our first State Fair...

Madi and I enjoyed tea time at church!

Jimmy took Madi to the Daddy Daughter Dance...

And Trev and I had a double date with one of my friends and her son, who Trev adores.  

My dad has always said that one way to spell love is T-I-M-E.

Love has definitely been in the air.

I am grateful.


  1. It looks like your family is brimming with love! I have to say that your son is definitely a special little guy...that note (that was so precious of you) that he answered "yes" to just melts me. :) Also you and your hubby make a beautiful couple!

  2. Found your blog today while looking for the lyrics to Kathryn Scott's "Presence". You have a lovely family!

  3. This one when brought tears to my eyes. All so sweet!!

  4. This one brought tears to my sweet!!!